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Paul Brasch’s - A to Z of Superheroes

We live in the age of the superhero and Paul

has written a new show to to find out more about

these costumed characters and why they are so funny.

Paul’s a to z of superheroes gives us the down low

on 26 heroes in 60 minutes.


From Aquaman to Batman and from Captain America to Zena Paul asks why do these people want to save us and why do they need to dress up in tights to do it.


What are the stories behind the gadgets, the costumes and the secret identities.


What skin cream does Aquaman wear to hydrate ?

If batman was born in Queensland would he be fruit-batman?

Is Superman the strongest asylum seeker ever ?


Described by the press as one of australia’s greatest comedians,

Paul’s a to z of superheroes is his 5th one man show which will show not only a comedian at the height of his powers but also bring to light his life-long addiction to comic books.


Paul brasch’s a to z of superheroes debuts in 2013 at brisbane comedy festival at the powerhouse, new farm.


This must-see show for the hero in all of us runs from


March 12 to 17


There are 6 shows only and tickets will sell fast.

So put on your mask and slip into your tights and make your way to paul brasch’s


A to Z of Superheroes


You will believe a man can fly..KIND Of…


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